Message from the Representative Director

Shinji Inada, Representative Director

This organization was founded in 2013 as the “Artificial Light Plant Factory Committee for Producers In light of the subsequent market expansion of Japan’s plant factory industry, we reorganized under the name “Japan Plant Factory Industries Association” in March 2016 and began conducting activities under a new system beginning in July.

Thesedays, uncertainties surrounding future food supplies have grown due to the world’s increasing population and changes in the global environment, and in the international community, there is a demand for future oriented sustainable agricultural production.

Against the backdrop of these developments, the focus nowadays is on plant factories that completely utilize artificial light Japan boasts some of the best plant factory technology in the world, and other countries have high expectations for agricultural innovations that will lead the next generation However, while there are currently a number of individual advanced technologies available, one major issue is that there has been little technical collaboration in the area of commercialization, thus limiting their potential.

As an organization that represents the industry, the Japan Plant Factory Industries Association will compile technology and information related to plant factories, support producers and promote commercialization, and strive to develop the plant factory industry both domestically and abroad Moreover, through our activities, we will cherish the Earth’s limited resources and contribute to the international community by aiming to make a sustainable society a reality.

Japan Plant Factory Industries Association
Shinji Inada, Representative Director

Main Activities

Our organization conducts the following activities to aid in the development of the plant factory industry.

    International Standardization
  1. Standards/certification
  2. Studies/analysis
    Information Gathering/Transmission
  1. PR activities/working with relevant government agencies
  2. Collaborating with relevant industry groups/working with overseas entities
    Promoting Public Awareness
  1. Lectures
  2. Events/exhibitions
    Production Support
  1. Member production support
  2. Member training
    Common Infrastructure for Technological Development
  1. Technological development
  2. Intellectual property/legal system
    International Business Development/CSR
  1. International business development
  2. Environmental conservation